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Costs vs. Value: The Importance of BMP Lifecycle Costs

Join AbTech’s stormwater products team to better understand life cycle costs of stormwater treatment practices. You'll be given a detailed life-cycle cost analysis of AbTech's catch basin filter insert alternatives (Ultra Urban® Filters). A value proposition will be demonstrated between different model types, evaluating life-cycle costing alternatives.

In this webinar, AbTech team members will present:

- Brief overview about AbTech Industries

- AbTech's Smart Sponge Filtration media platform and stormwater product portfolio

- Cost considerations for stormwater products that are often overlooked

- Several different installations and respective performance will be evaluated

A key learning object of this webinar is how to asses the true financial value of stormwater treatment assets to ensure they are aligned the projects’ goals.

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David Scott and Anthony Reed

Stormwater Purification Experts

Costs vs. Value: The Importance of BMP Lifecycle Costs