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Benefits of Urban LID Upstream Treatment

Enjoy our collaborative live webinar with our guest — Joe Miskovich & Triton Stormwater Solutions. We will take a cursory look at urban LID with a focus on upstream treatment needs, solutions, and benefits. We will then discuss treatment in the urban environment best suited for 'store-and-infiltrate' practices.

Joe Miskovich, Inventor/Owner of Triton SWS, will provide an in-depth discussion about Triton's subsurface storage and infiltration system; while Todd Megronigle will discuss how AbTech's Smart Sponge technology and products ensure superior performance while minimizing maintenance needs over the lifetime of the system.

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David Scott, Todd Megronigle, and Joe Miskovic

Stormwater Purification Experts and Owner/Inventor

Benefits of Urban LID Upstream Treatment