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Stormwater Purification Q&A

Get detailed answers to your questions in a live Q&A session with our Stormwater Purification expert, David Scott along with an appearance from our CEO & Founder, Glenn Rink. In this webinar, we will be answering your submitted questions and taking questions live. Our Stormwater Purification experts will be providing you with in-depth answers to your questions regarding topics such as: AbTech, products, technology, maintenance, and more.

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AbTech's Innovative BMP: Ultra-Urban® Filter

Benny Lonchar goes over all you need to learn about AbTech’s innovative BMP: the Ultra-Urban® Filter. In this webinar, you will learn about what makes this product so innovative including its development, applications, maintenance benefits, and how its design has evolved to become an optimal long term and economical stormwater purification solution.

This webinar discusses:
- The UUF Product line
- Development of the UUF
- Applications and Project highlights
- Maintenance
- Benefits

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AbTech's Innovative Smart Vault Solutions and Applications

Join Shawn Lolling and learn about our innovative Smart Vault's design & applications.

Find out how our patented Smart Sponge® media is applied in Smart Vaults for advanced filtration solutions, and learn about key projects that implemented these solutions.

In this webinar we will discuss:

- AbTech's innovative Smart Vault
- What makes the Smart Vault a distinctive solution
- Smart Sponge media applications
- Sizing and design of the Smart Vault
- Smart Vault project highlights

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Innovative BMPs for The Transportation Industry

Join Todd Megronigle and learn about innovative BMP's for the transportation industry.

In this webinar you will learn about:

- Environmental issues at transportation facilities

- Innovative technologies and products to address these issues

- Successful installation and project profiles of BMP's at transportation facilities

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How To Meet Regulations and Maximize Your Stormwater Investment

David Scott and Anthony Reed detail the best methods to meet regulations while extending the life of your stormwater investment.

In this webinar you will learn:
• Why meeting regulations is important to the success of a project
• How AbTech's Smart Sponge® media and products can help you meet regulations
• How to extend the life of your stormwater investment
• How AbTech helps extend the life of your investment

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Observations From Stormwater Asset Maintenance To Drive Sustainable Performance

Join AbTech's Bob Backman and Apex's Anna Griggs for a discussion and an overview of how Stormwater Asset maintenance drives sustainable performance. In this collaborative webinar you'll gain invaluable insight into two innovative companies, while earning a PDH credit.

This webinar discusses:
• Above and below ground BMP’s
• Client awareness
• Benefits of frequency of servicing
• Value of Inspection and maintenance
• Design for Asset sustainability and serviceability
• Integration of green and gray technology to maximize ROI

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Planning Your Next Stormwater Project With AbTech

Adrianna Lash goes over AbTech's surface water solutions and how AbTech supports project owners and engineers in planning their next stormwater project. Attendees will discover how to integrate AbTech's advanced stormwater purification solutions for their next project, and what that process looks like from start to finish.

This webinar will include:

- AbTech’s Surface Water Solutions for TSS, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, nutrients, and bacteria

- How AbTech supports engineers and owners in planning for stormwater treatment on their project sites

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The Ease & Benefits of Maintaining Filtration BMPs

Anthony Reed explains why maintaining storm drains is both economically and environmentally important.

In this webinar you'll get extensive details about the ease of maintenance of AbTech's stormwater purification technology and products, and the benefits of having an AbTech stormwater system.

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AbTech's Stormwater Purification and SPCC Solutions for Airports and Related Activities

Learn how AbTech’s stormwater purification capabilities can be harnessed to treat and purify stormwater at airports and related industries.

This webinar will include:

- AbTech’s installations at airports

- AbTech's innovative methods of treating & purifying stormwater and SPCC compliance

- How AbTech's technology and products can be used to help address some of the most common types of spills at airports

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AbTech's Innovative Stormwater Purification Technology

AbTech is targeting emerging contaminants that are critical to environmental protection and aligned with growing trends in stormwater and discharged water regulations.

This webinar provides an overview about how AbTech's Smart Sponge® technology can be implemented and its effectiveness for different waste streams.

In this webinar you will learn about:

- Introduction to AbTech's development of Smart Sponge technology.
- AbTech's transition from water treatment to purification.
- Performance evaluations, including Case Studies.

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AbTech's Stormwater Purification BMPs

Learn about AbTech’s innovative stormwater purification BMP’s with Adrianna Lash.

Adrianna introduces AbTech, our history, and stormwater purification. She reviews the background of the industry and provides insight of the best management practices within stormwater purification.

In this webinar you will learn about:

- AbTech’s purification technologies
- How Smart Sponge® works, and its key features
- Smart Sponge variants which can be used to treat a variety of contaminants
- AbTech’s product offerings and how they function as innovative stormwater purification solutions and BMPs

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About AbTech - The Leader in Stormwater Purification

Don Thompson introduces AbTech, the company background and history and its innovative developments that established AbTech as the leader in stormwater purification.

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

- Stormwater Purification
- The difference between stormwater purification and treatment
- How AbTech started and key figures who helped build Abtech
- The development of AbTech’s innovative Smart Sponge Media and its variations
- AbTech’s portfolio of product and how they can be applied for stormwater purification
- Brief project case studies

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