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Success Stories

Travel Centers

Pilot Travel Centers - Knoxville, Tennessee Type: Stormater filtration
Contaminant: Hydrocarbons
Solution: Ultra-Urban Filters


Albany International Airport - Albany, New York Type: Processed stormwater filtration
Contaminant: Jet fuel
Solution: Smart Vaults Charlotte Douglas International Airport - Charlotte, North Carolina Type: Stormwater filtration
Contaminant: Hydrocarbons
Solution: Ultra-Urban Filters, Skimmers Westchester County Airport Type: Stormwater runoff
Contaminant: Hydrocarbons, De-Icing Fluid
Solution: Ultra-Urban Filters


Norwalk Stormwater Management - Norwalk, Connecticut Type: Stormwater filtration
Contaminant: Bacteria
Solution: Ultra-Urban Filters Village of Babylon - Babylon, New York Type: Outfall pipe retrofit
Contaminant: Hydrocarbons
Solution: Smart Vaults


Gas Stations


Department of Defense

Pope Air Force Base - Department of Defense Type: Flight line stormwater runoff
Contaminant: Jet fuel,
Solution: Ultra-Urban Filters, Mounting Collars


Hugo Neu Sustainable Site - Kearny Point Type: Stormwater filtration
Contaminant: Hydrocarbons, Sediments, Organics, Heavy Metals, and Emerging Contaminants
Solution: Ultra-Urban Filters Community-Based Public-Private Partnership - City of Chester Type: Stormwater filtration
Solution: Ultra-Urban Filters (Chester)