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Smart Sponge BC

Targets  Heavy Metals

Smart Sponge BC technology uses organic based biochar extruded into an absorptive sponge media.


The technology will bind with nutrients and heavy metals removing up to 98% of selected heavy metals.

Smart Sponge BC technology is also an excellent metals polisher for added insurance to help meet compliance

Capable of removing up to 3 times its own weight in hydrocarbons

Meets or exceeds Stormwater Best Management practices (BMP)

Reduces Cadmium, Copper, Chromium, Lead, Zinc, Iron, Arsenic, Selenium

Removes up to 98% of selected heavy metals

Biochar is created by heating biomass to high temperatures under low oxygen conditions in a process called pyrolysis. Due to its porosity, the Biochar is also a highly absorbent material. Biochar's unique properties allow it to be used to simultaneous goals such as:
1. Production of renewable biomass energy from waste
2. Carbon sequestration
3. Production of environmentally beneficial products

Smart Sponge BC Products

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