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Reduction of harmful bacteria


Antimicrobial Smart Sponge Plus- AbTech developed an antimicrobial technology  synergistic with the Smart Sponge technology. This effort produced Smart Sponge Plus, which features an antimicrobial agent chemically and permanently bound in a proprietary process to the Smart Sponge polymer surface which reduces total coliform bacteria. Due to this permanent bond, the antimicrobial agent is active but does not leach or leak, avoiding any downstream toxicity issues.  


The antimicrobial Smart Sponge targets bacteria such as enterococcus,  Escherichia coli and fecal coliforms.  The antimicrobial agent is registered with the EPA (EPA Registration #86256-1) for a variety of applications and has performed specifically well in cases where a reduction in harmful bacterial counts in storm water runoff is desired.

The agent used for this innovative technology is an Organosilane derivative which is widely used in a variety of fields including medical, consumables, pool equipment, and consumer goods to reduce coliform bacteria. This Smart Sponge Plus mode of action, through its bound agent, is very simple (no chlorine or heavy metals involved) and - in surface bound applications – neither introduces chemicals into the treated water nor produces toxic metabolites.


The antimicrobial mechanism is based on the patented agent’s interaction with the microorganism cell membrane, causing microorganism inactivation, but no chemical or physical change in the agent. Antimicrobial activity therefore does not reduce the agent’s capability or cause its depletion, and maintains long-term effectiveness. Additionally, the hydrocarbon absorption capability is not inhibited.

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