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Smart Sponge BC
Targets heavy metals and hydrocarbons

Smart Sponge BC can remove dissolved phase metals, reduce nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen), and removes hydrocarbons

Hydrophobic and Oleophilic​


Smart Sponge has a very porous structure with hydrophobic and oleophilic characteristics capable of selectively removing hydrocarbons while allowing high flow through rates for water.



The Smart Sponge remains buoyant in calm or agitated water, permitting it to remain in place until fully saturated, to ensure that the product is fully utilized.

Targets Heavy Metals

Removes Hydrocarbons

Cultivates Nit-DeNit


Smart Sponge BC Products

Bilge Skimmer

Ultra Urban Filter DI

Line Skimmer

Ultra Urban Filter CO

Passive Skimmer

Smart Drum

End of Pipe

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