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Smart Sponge®

Maximum Intelligence | Maximum Performance | Maximum Efficiency


Smart Sponge® has a very porous structure with hydrophobic and oleophilic characteristics capable of selectively removing hydrocarbons while allowing high flow through rates for water.

The Smart Sponge® remains buoyant in calm or agitated water, permitting it to remain in place until fully saturated, to ensure that the product is fully utilized.

In addition, all absorbed oil and hydrocarbon residue is non-leaching; the Smart Sponge® transforms the pollutants into a stable solid allowing for a practical, less expensive, hassle-free handling and disposal. This results in a problem-free, closed-loop solution to water pollution.

Chemically selective to hyrdocarbons

Reduces/Removes Sheen

Capable of removing up to 3 times its own weight in hydrocarbons

Transforms hydrocarbons into a stable solid per EPA’s Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP)

Life expectancy of 1-3 years

Effective in fresh/salt water and temperatures ranging from 32°F to 130°F


Smart Sponge fully encapsulates recovered oil, resulting in a substantially more effective response that prevents absorbed oil from leaching. It is also capable of successfully removing sheen. In addition, the Smart Sponge remains buoyant in calm or agitated water, permitting it to remain in place until fully saturated,  resulting in no wasted product.  

Once oil is absorbed, the Smart Sponge transforms the pollutants into a stable solid for easy recycling, providing a closed-loop solution.  Smart Sponge technology is a cost-effective BMP with low installation and maintenance labor costs. In comparison to other products, the Smart Sponge technology allows for less expensive and less problematic handling and disposal of the waste product designed not to deteriorate in water, allowing for a longer product life.

The Smart Sponge technology is deployed in products that offer customized solutions for stormwater pollution prevention, oil spill response, process water filtration and other industrial applications to meet specific environmental needs.  AbTech Industries offers an extensive product line that is upgradeable to meet evolving community needs and regulatory requirements.


Smart Sponge®


Ultra-Urban Filter (DI)

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Ultra-Urban Filter (CO)

Smart Vault


Smart Drum

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Bilge Skimmer

Bilge Skimmer.png

Line Skimmer

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Passive Skimmer

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