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AbTech and United Stormwater Collaborate to Solve California's Stormwater Challenges

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- AbTech Industries, Inc., an environmental technologies company, and United Stormwater, Inc., a full service stormwater management firm, recently collaborated to bring two best-in-class technologies together, providing a unique solution for evolving stormwater challenges in southern California.

A municipality in Los Angeles County, California has retrofitted existing infrastructure using United Stormwater's Wing-Gate™ Screens, auto-retractable curb inlet screen covers, and AbTech's Ultra-Urban® Filters, catch basin inserts, in an effort to prevent stormwater contamination that flows into Legg Lake, one of Los Angeles County's largest and most popular recreation areas.

United Stormwater's Wing-Gate Screens act as the first line of defense, preventing larger, floatable contaminants from entering the storm drain. AbTech's Ultra-Urban Filter, using Smart Sponge® HM – a new, proprietary media – removes oils & grease, phosphorus and heavy metals while also filtering sediment and other nutrients from stormwater that enters the storm drain.

This is the first time that United Stormwater and AbTech have collaborated on a large-scale application, demonstrating how to provide a cost-effective solution to address a complex stormwater challenge while using best-in-class technology.

AbTech and United Stormwater will be showcasing how their technologies work together at StormCon Surface Water Quality Conference and Expo on August 27 – 31 at booths 314, 316, and 318.


AbTech offers innovative solutions for Stormwater Management and Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment. AbTech integrates its own advanced technologies along with third-party technologies and systems to provide customers with effective and economical solutions. AbTech products include advanced filtration media technologies and various water treatment systems. The filtration media technologies are generally based on our patented and proven Smart Sponge® products capable of reducing bacteria and removing hydrocarbons, heavy metals, sediment and other foreign elements from still and flowing water. AbTech Industries, Inc. is a subsidiary of Abtech Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: ABHD).

SOURCE Abtech Holdings, Inc.

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