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AbTech Collaborates with International Engineering Firm to Achieve Low Phosphorus Results on a Sanit

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- AbTech Industries, Inc., announced today that it has collaborated with Easen International Co. Ltd., to successfully reduce total phosphorus (TP) to low levels in a field test for a wastewater treatment plant owned by a large water services company in China. AbTech, an environmental technologies company, used its innovative adsorptive media to help the wastewater plant comply with China's new Class 1A discharge standard of < 0.50 mg/l TP. Some areas of China such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and Jiangsu provinces are having to meet more stringent limits as part of a Class IV surface discharge standard of < 0.30 mg/l TP. Easen is an international consulting and environmental engineering firm based in San Diego, CA, with offices throughout China, specializing in bringing innovative and cost effective solutions to its customers in the water space. Easen's client is a water services company in China that operates five wastewater treatment plants, and serves 12.9 million people in Henan, Guangxi, and Heilongjiang provinces.

Using AbTech's media as a final polisher for phosphorus, onsite dynamic testing demonstrated removal from ~5-6 mg/l TP down to 0.07 mg/l TP. Achieving this low level of phosphorus is possible with a retention time as low as 5.5 minutes. The phosphorus adsorption rates were 0.9 - 1.9 grams of phosphorus to 1.0 gram of media.

Each plant typically uses suspended growth reactor treatment, followed by secondary clarification, filtration and UV before final discharge. The existing wastewater systems achieve an average total phosphorus level in their discharge of ~ 5-6 mg/l. If traditional physical-chemical treatment is employed to meet the new Class 1A limit, then the wastewater plants are faced with building additional structures and generating a large amount of sludge.

Results Summarized

Retention Time Total Phosphorus Value Removal Rates

0 Min (Influent) 11.2 ppm

15 Min 0.2 ppm 98.3%

30 Min 0.07 ppm 99.4%

45 Min 0.19 ppm 99.3%

AbTech and Easen will be commissioning a larger pilot scale demonstration system in June 2017 for Easen's client as it prepares to make all of its commercial plants compliant starting in the Fall of 2017. Both AbTech and Easen have initiated a sales and business development campaign in China to promote AbTech's innovative portfolio of technologies in an effort to help solve the countries environmental water challenges.

About AbTech AbTech Industries, Inc. offers innovative solutions for the Stormwater/Municipal/Industrial Water & Wastewater space. AbTech products include advanced filtration media technologies and various water treatment systems. AbTech integrates its own advanced technologies along with third-party technologies and systems to provide customers with effective and economical solutions. AbTech Industries, Inc. is a subsidiary of Abtech Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: ABHD).

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