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AbTech Achieves Low Phosphorus Results on a Yogurt Wastewater Application

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Aug. 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- AbTech Industries, Inc. an environmental technologies firm was invited to participate at a major yogurt company's manufacturing facility for treatment of its wastewater discharge. The goal of the treatment system was to reduce phosphorus in their discharge to avoid paying excessive fines to its local PTOW. The current plant process uses a combination of attached and suspended growth reactor treatment, followed by a secondary clarifier for before final discharge. The existing wastewater system achieves an average total phosphorus level in their discharge of ~ 4-10 mg/l. The majority of the total phosphorus is represented as ortho-phosphate.

Using AbTech's unique adsorptive media as a final polisher for phosphorus, onsite treatability testing demonstrated removal down to 41 ppb phosphorus. Meeting the low level of phosphorus is possible with a retention time as low as 30 minutes.

Results Summarized

Retention Time Ortho-P Value Removal Rates

0 Min (Influent) 4,450 ppb

45 Min 70 ppb 98%

60 Min 47 ppb 99%

90 Min 44 ppb 99%

120 Min 41 ppb 99%

AbTech offers innovative solutions for Stormwater Management and Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment. AbTech integrates its own advanced technologies along with third-party technologies and systems to provide customers with effective and economical solutions. AbTech products include advanced filtration media technologies and various water treatment systems. The filtration media technologies are generally based on our patented and proven Smart Sponge® products capable of reducing bacteria and removing hydrocarbons, heavy metals, sediment and other foreign elements from still and flowing water. AbTech Industries, Inc. is a subsidiary of Abtech Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: ABHD).

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