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Clean It Up

Industrial plants require pure water for their manufacturing and utility operations.  Different water qualities are required for various processes like bottled water, steam generation and microelectronics chips, etc.  Additionally, sustainable efforts have plants look into wastewater minimization and recycle/reuse.  


AbTech provides process water systems tailored to our customer’s needs.  Our team has over 100 years of direct project experience treating process water for industrial use.  We provide engineering full documentation submittals, equipment manufacturing, QA/QC, start-up, training and ongoing support.


The following applications are supported by AbTech:


  1. Boiler Feedwater and Demineralized  Systems

  2. ASTM Electronics and Semiconductor Grade Water

  3. Beverage and Bottled Water

  4. USP Purified Water and Water for Injection

  5. General Process Water


Complete System Package and Integration


AbTech provides complete systems that meet our customers’ project requirements.  Our systems typically include Process Flow Diagrams, P&ID’s, Mass Balance calculations, General Arrangement Drawings, O&M Manuals, I/O lists, etc..


Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls


AbTech systems  include complete  electrical  engineering,  software programming,  PLC  and  SCADA (if required)  hardware,  power supplies,  instrumentation,  pre-wired control enclosures mounted on skids, and documentation in a comprehensive package.  Our control system is typically designed with a distributed control philosophy, providing control hardware dedicated to and located integral to individual treatment modules making up the  water treatment system.  Both  PLC  and  SCADA  hardware  and  software programming  can be provided as a modular package, designed for the specific subsystem on which they are located, combining modules to form a complete system. 

Project Execution


AbTech develops a project specific execution plan in accordance with the requirements and/or guidelines or our Standard Operating Procedures. This execution plan provides for the following elements:


  1. Project scope statement and scope matrix

  2. Communications plan

  3. Detailed baseline project schedule

  4. Project schedule of values/milestone payment schedule

  5. Engineering deliverables list

  6. Inspection and test plans for shop-fabricated equipment and site installation QA/QC

  7. Procurement plan

  8. The execution plan provides the project specific roadmap to ensure that the project is being executed per the applicable requirements and per schedule


Construction Services

AbTech can provide systems in a Turn-Key or Design-Build contract.  We are partnered with several engineering contractors located throughout the United States.  Our regional partners have many years of experience installing process water systems.  

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