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Part of an innovative blend

AbTech’s Ironwood media was created to solve a variety of environmental regulatory challenges including water eutrophication and metals contamination. 


The media is capable of removing Orthophosphate and a variety of soluble metals from wastewaters, suitable to help meet most discharge requirements.  


A distinctive fusion for a powerful solution

Ironwood is an innovative media using metal nanocomposites and renewable materials to adsorb contaminants.  Its two media forms allow for economical flexibility in a wide variety of applications.


Ironwood Upflow Column Application: The first media form is a wood chip that is applied upflow in a filtration column design. Sizing and capacity are based upon the influent water analysis and proper retention time required to remove the contaminant(s).  Upon exhaustion, the media can be regenerated onsite or offsite as a service.  If onsite regeneration is preferred, then basic and acidic solutions are used to recondition the media to near full adsorptive capacity.  


Powdered Consumable Application: The second media form is a powder that can be applied within a bioreactor or clarifier.  The powdered form will allow for use within existing infrastructure to save on CAPEX and OPEX expenditures. Media dosing is based on the influent water analysis and proper retention time required to remove the contaminant(s).  

Key benefits, innovative solutions


Ultra low level polisher for Orthophosphate and soluble metals

Regulatory discharge compliance

Retention times as low as 15-20 minutes

Co-ballast with magnetite for enhanced settling

Uses existing infrastructure

Ironwood Products


Ultra-Urban Filter DI

153540444541123273 (1).png

Ultra-Urban Filter CO

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Smart Vault




Smart Drum

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