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AbTech installed its first Department of Defense (DoD) water treatment “vault” system at the Utah Air National Guard Base. The vault system in Utah is installed at a jet fueling station for the Air National Guard. The project is a fuel containment project, where contractors installed trench drain and piping to a new 8,000-gallon containment basin. The AbTech system was installed in a catch basin adjacent to the containment basin to filter out any jet fuel that may overflow. In California, over 200 AbTech Ultra-Urban filters were installed at at the Marine Corps Air Station, within Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton. At Pope Air Force Base, 135 Ultra Urban® Filters and 135 mounting collars were installed at 5 different aircraft ramp locations throughout the nearly 500-acre flight line. The filters were engineered to drop into each drain opening, were installed without any modifications to the flight line infrastructure and provide high removal efficiency of common hydrocarbons (jet fuel, grease, oil, diesel fuel, gasoline). In addition, the filters met all internal requirements for easy maintenance and service. Base environmental managers are pleased about the ability of the media and its ability to protect the local water shed environment.

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