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The future of water is up to you

Water is an critical resource imperative to humanity. AbTech's products and technologies allow clients to solve water contamination and pollution issues, while also contributing to the future health of the earth.

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Airports are under heavy monitoring of runoff.  By using the Smart Sponge product not only do they stay in compliance but they also have an added protection for unexpected spills.

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With tight runoff regulations at theme parks, Disneyland Resorts are using the Smart Sponge to meet and exceed regulations.

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Using the Smart Sponge technology to help treat stormwater runoff throughout Los Angeles County

AbTech Industries makes an effort to satisfy all of our clients' needs and exceed their expectations.  Some of our clients have included:

  • Allied Waste Industries

  • APS

  • B & W Pipeline

  • Berks Ridge Company Enterprises, Inc.

  • CL Dale Construction

  • Chrysler- Phoenix

  • City of Calabasas

  • City of Chandler

  • City of Chester

  • City of Long Beach

  • City of Waco

  • CMC Steel

  • Devon Energy Production Co.

  • Disneyland Resort

  • Dow Chemical U.S.A.

  • Environmental Resource Group, Ltd. Exxon

  • Fairland Properties

  • Franklin Steel Company

  • International Bio-Solutions

  • JL French Corporation

  • Magnus Chemicals Ltd.

  • Nalco Co

  • Huntington Beach

  • Petroleum Equipment Construction

  • Quik Trip

  • Raleigh Durham Airport

  • Safety Kleen

  • Shasta Beverage

  • United Healthcare

  • US Airways

  • US Navy

  • Veolia Water Americas

  • Waste Management

  • Orlando International Airport

  • Charlotte Douglass International Airport

  • Nashville Airport

  • HD Supply

  • Ferguson Waterworks

  • New York City Mass Transit Authority

  • Los Angeles County

  • Grainger

  • Portland Air National Guard

  • Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton

  • Westchester County

  • Nemak

  • DBI Services

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