The Smart Sponge technology is at the heart of AbTech Industries product innovation. The unique molecular structure is based on innovative polymer technologies that are chemically selective to hydrocarbons and can reduce bacteria levels and also decrease heavy metals....

June 9, 2016

Join Jeff Gutierrez and Gary Edwards at the WEF/IWA Nutrient Removal and Recovery 2016 Conference Announcement  


Make sure to stop by AbTech Industries booth and pick up some new and updated information on the Smart Sponge technology.

This conference is held...

June 8, 2016

AbTech Industries is proud to present to you #WildWater News.  We have created an online newspaper and media source that updates every 24 hours containing  up to date information on water quality news from around the world.  Read stories on global water markets or how...

June 8, 2016

Industrial plants require pure water for their manufacturing and utility operations.  Different water qualities are required for various processes like bottled water, steam generation and microelectronics chips, etc.  Additionally, sustainable efforts have plants look...

This is what AbTech Industries is doing to help save water around the world.  The Smart Sponge technology is helping us achieve our vision of a world without polluted water.

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