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Water contaminated with bacteria can cause a variety of unwanted challenges for wildlife and local communities. The consequences of bacteria such as enterococcus, Escherichia coli and fecal coliform can be very harmful. To help prevent and mediate the consequences of bacteria contaminated water, AbTech Industries has created Smart Sponge Plus.


Smart Sponge Plus technology specifically targets bacteria, and is available in booms, line skimmers, Smart Drums™, Vaults, End-of-Pipe, engineered vessels and custom processing units to help meet your water cleanup and treatment needs

What makes Smart Sponge Plus Technology ideal in bacteria water applications:


Smart Sponge Plus features an antimicrobial agent chemically and permanently bound to its polymer surface in a proprietary process

Smart Sponge Plus

Smart Sponge® Plus can be engineered using controlled test parameters (such as modifying flow rates and coliform bacteria concentration) to meet your

performance requirements

Smart Sponge® Plus is designed to assist water systems in meeting Total Maximum Daily Load Limits (TMDLs) for coliform bacteria

Smart Sponge® Plus can be placed into our Skimmers, Smart Paks, UUF’s, Smart Vaults or, End of Pipe units

Smart Vault


Smart Pak


End-of-Pipe Water Quality Unit

The End-of-Pipe Water Quality Unit (EOP WQU) combines the sediment treatment capabilities of a traditional Water Quality Unit (WQU) with AbTech's patented media for water quality improvement. The first step of stormwater treatment using the EOP WQU is to capture sediment that enters the stormwater system.


The integration of AbTech media allows for a secondary treatment step, where a reduction in hydrocarbons, phosphorus, heavy metals or bacteria occurs, depending upon the filter media applied. 


Bilge Skimmer

Bilge Skimmer.png

Line Skimmer

Line Skimmer 4x4 tripple.png

Passive Skimmer

Passive Skimmers.png

Oil sheen/spill cleanup + bacteria removal

AbTech booms and skimmers will resolve your oil sheen or oil spill problems:  these products remove or greatly reduce sheen, will not absorb water, and effectively transform pollutants into a stable solid waste generally approved for landfill disposal by the EPA because the trapped hydrocarbons typically do not leak or leach.

Ultra-Urban Filter (DI)


Ultra-Urban Filter (CO)

153540444541123273 (1).png



Designed to assist in meeting bacteria discharge limits from non point source water runoff.

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