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Welcome to AbTech Industries

AbTech has received numerous industry awards for innovative technologies and proven water treatment solutions

Welcome to AbTech Industries

Oil & Gas Water Management

The oil & gas industry requires clean water and AbTech has the most cost-effective and efficient products to help. AbTech Industries provides water management solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream industries in oil & gas.  AbTech’s products and solutions have deployed in shale basins, gas fields, platforms, refineries, chemical plants and compression facilities.

AbTech’s produced water pre-treatment systems combine best-of-breed available technologies, innovative systems engineering, and AbTech’s proprietary Smart Sponge® de-oiling technology to remove oil and other contaminants from the frac and produced water at natural production sites. The treatment system employs a three-stage process for oil recovery, de-oiling, and VOC air stripping, offering natural gas producers a complete solution that works with and protects any downstream produced water treatment systems being employed in the field. Proven to remove up to 99.99% of hydrocarbons from produced and frac water, AbTech’s Smart Sponge® media also has a high BTU value once saturated, and has the potential to be used as an energy source to fuel frac flowback and produced water treatment operations. AbTech Industries has experience integration solutions into upstream, midstream and downstream segments.

As a technology leader in water management for over 16 years, AbTech has the experience to assist with designing and deploying a water treatment solution to fit market needs.  From source water to frac flowback to produced water to disposal, AbTech treats fluids at a very low cost per barrel while providing environmental benefits, improved lease operating economics and water recycling.  AbTech’s solutions span water impoundments, water storage ponds, mobile treatment trailers, skid-mounted treatment units, and full-blown O&G water treatment plants.

AbTech products are effective for use in gathering systems, compressor stations, gas treatment plants and pipeline facilities for handling hydrocarbon removal.  Our Smart Sponge® technology is up to 99.99% effective and is available in booms, line skimmers, Smart Drums™, engineered vessels and custom processing units to meet your gas and NGL water processing needs. Our engineering staff is available to configure products or custom tailor specific processing to meet specific needs.

Please take a look at the Solutions page to see how AbTech Industries can be integrated into upstream, midstream and downstream applications.

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